From the archives:

I know it’s only April. I know I am falling behind in my goalkeeping efforts for 2011. I know I’m easily distracted and that the whole point of keeping a blog about my current goals is to keep myself focused.

Is it bad that I’m already thinking about what my goals for next year might be? Is it worse that I’m dedicating brain space to plotting how I’ll conquer new challenges later rather than kicking goals I’ve already set for the here and now?

I think we know the answers to these questions. All the same. Humour me a little?

Here’s a little story.

Something of relevance occurred last month at work.

In the middle of a fairly typical meeting two colleagues ventured off on a tangent and before they could take hold of themselves, they were reciting what was later determined to be a key scene from a shared favourite movie. It went a little something like this:

Colleague A: To partake.
Colleague B: To partake.
Colleague A: Of your pecan, pieeee….
Colleague B: Of your pecan, pieeee….
Colleague A: Pecan pieeee….
Colleague B: Pecan pieeee….

Upon the completion of this mantra-like exchange, they registered my stunned expression and were themselves shocked to learn that not only did I not recognise their reenactment of this moment from When Harry Met Sally…

…I had never seen the film.

Jaws dropped around the table.

I made a mental note that, obviously, When Harry Met Sally is one of those “I can’t believe you’ve never seen <insert motion picture title here> !” films.

And so the seed was planted.

I started to think about all the times I’ve provoked similar reactions from my friends and family. Off the top of my head, films which I know I should have seen (even if only to tick them off a list of movies one is just meant to have seen) include Top Gun, Pretty Woman and The Breakfast Club.

Having scratched the surface, I consulted my tweeps to see if there were more films worth catching up on. 12 Angry Men said one. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas offered another. Lawrence of Arabia. The Black Balloon. Mysterious Skin! The Usual Suspects!! And on it went.

I’ve opened a door and can’t close it and I know what I need to do.

Even though I have a pile of books on, in and around my bedside table demanding my attention, I know I also want to make a dent in the list of flicks I think I should gobble up.

But restraint is needed.

I can’t magic extra hours into the day and I can’t eat into the time I’m already dedicating to my reading and exercising regimes.

So for now, all I can do is fall back on my mildly OCD instincts and create a list. The kind of list that will make those 1000 films you HAVE to see before you DIE! books look under-researched. Speaking of lists, I should remember to watch Schindler’s

Then next year, heady with the self-satisfaction derived from knowing I stuck to my course throughout 2011, I will start watching and blogging my way through as many of these Must Watch Films as I can. Hopefully well before I die, too.

If you want to help me compile my list of films, you can keep shouting them out on twitter (to @SeeMarkGeek) or you can leave a comment below this post.

And for those still distressed by my admission at the start of this post that I hadn’t enjoyed the dizzying repartee of Ryan and Crystal, I can confirm that I have now seen When Harry Met Sally.

And I quite liked it.