My list of ultimate goals has a number of entries that will be harder to accomplish than others. Travelling, for example, is achievable enough and before the year is out, I hope to visit Europe for the first time and take in Disneyland Paris. Boom! That’ll be two more ticks on my bucket list.

On the trickier end of the scale, I’ve always wanted to design a LEGO set. Without a time machine, several different qualifications and relocating to Denmark, that’s probably not going to happen. Unless, that is, I create a winning LEGO Ideas project.

This post is about my first project submission, RuPaul’s Brick Race – a loving homage to everyone’s favourite drag-fest, blending the colour, whimsy, fun and creativity of the RuPaul and LEGO universes.

“If you can’t love this LEGO Ideas project…

…how the hell are you gonna love somebody elses?”

Before I go any further, as this project is ongoing and relies on public support to progress, It’d be remiss of me to not ask you to consider pressing the big blue support button and voting for this LEGO Ideas project.


To date, nearly 5,000 people have supported this project which is just astonishing!

The interest in RuPaul’s Brick Race, the almost entirely positive commentary about aspects of the design and the support of blogs, media outlets and even some of the people depicted in the set has been overwhelming. More on that, below.

Wait, hold on. What’s LEGO Ideas?

LEGO Ideas is the LEGO Groups crowdsourcing platform where fans can submit concepts for future sets with the aim of securing 10,000 votes. If that level of support is achieved (no mean feat, I am learning) the submission moves to an official LEGO review stage where the concept is interrogated against a range of product development criteria. During this stage, a number of concepts compete against one another with (usually just) one moving on to production.

LEGO Ideas has produced a number of excellent sets including Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory and Back to the Future sets, as well as projects that have celebrated science, nature and gaming interests.

The most recently approved LEGO Ideas project celebrates the pioneering Women of NASA and I can’t wait to get a hold of it.

Why design a RuPaul LEGO set, though?

For my first LEGO design, I wanted a project that would:

  • Be a challenge (requiring me to learn new tricks and software along the way)
  • Take some time and could be savoured (I’ve been working on this one for a few hours each week for, well, a long while!)
  • Provide a chance to contribute something new to the LEGO universe

But mostly, I stuck at creating RuPaul’s Brick Race because it was fun! At its core, the subject material this set celebrates is whimsical, colourful and full of life and I think these are qualities that marry well with the medium of LEGO.

At that review stage, it’s possible that the set would not be selected for production for all sorts of reasons, some relating to the nature of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Still, just getting this set to the official review stage sends a positive signal to the LEGO company that there is interest in diverse toys and the representation of LGBTQI lives in LEGO land.

Design features

RuPaul’s Brick Race includes a cast of fan favourites who can prepare for, and compete in, Clutch Game – a family friendly equivalent of a popular celebrity impersonation challenge from the series (Snatch Game, in the style of Match Game and Blankety Blanks).

You can read all about the characters, features and inclusions of the design in detail on the LEGO Ideas website.  Not a fan of words? Here’s a gallery of images that shows off the details of my proposed LEGO set.

Watch the trailer

Design Gallery

Want to build your own RuPaul LEGO set?

First things first – we need to wait on the outcome of this LEGO Ideas project.

Once the voting period is complete and if (should RuPaul’s Brick Race make it to an official review) the LEGO Ideas team decide not to turn this design into a real set, I will make building instructions available for download on this blog. I will also upload the LEGO Digital Designer files I’ve built so that you can explore the model virtually.

Of course, the best way to get this model in your hands is to go vote!


Many people have heard about and support this project because they’ve read an article about it or heard it mentioned on a podcast. I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who has covered RuPaul’s Brick race. Here are links to that coverage. You might consider clicking through and discovering more from these awesome bloggers and podcasters:

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Thanks for reading and, if you’ve voted, for your support. I’ll provide updates on the project as news comes to hand and I welcome your feedback below.