Do you have LEGO goals? That is, LEGO milestones or achievements you’d like to achieve?

I keep a bucket list and am ticking off to-dos in a number of areas including professional, home life and fitness goals.

I also keep a list of specific LEGO goals, many of which are big-ticket, once in a lifetime todos that will take lots of effort and resources to achieve.

I’m sharing these goals in the hope that it’ll lead to some interesting discussions with fellow LEGO lovers.

My LEGO Goals

Like a million or so other AFOL’s, I long to visit LEGOLAND and I’m talking LEGOLAND Billund. The original, the real deal. I’ve dreamed of crossing the threshold of LEGO’s iconic theme park (opened in 1968) since I was a child. I’ll get there one day, I know it.

Tour the LEGO Factory
When I make it to Billund, how marvelous it would be to visit the LEGO Factory. One does not simply stroll through the front doors, though. I’ll either need to be invited (fantasy material) or I can pay to participate in a LEGO Insiders tour – an annual, structured tour program for die-hard LEGO aficionados. The latter seems more likely but would come with a hefty price tag.

Visit LEGO House
LEGO House, the recently opened LEGO Group visitor and discovery centre, is also located in Billund and is a must-see. I can’t wait to walk through the doors and dive, deep, into piles of bricks and wonder.

Reach the 10K Club
More and more, I’m enjoying the process of creating projects for the LEGO Ideas crowdsourcing platform. I’d love to create a project that reaches the 10K Club (that is, a project that is supported by ten thousand people) for no other reason than it would be tops to know I’ve made something that has given that many people enough joy that they’ve taken time to cast their vote. Yeah, that’d be tops.

Design a LEGO set
I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to say they’ve designed an actual LEGO set?! I think at this stage in my life, the only way that’s going to happen is if I can create a LEGO Ideas project that wins enough hearts (and votes) and is selected for production. That’s no mean feat. Wish me luck!

Work with the LEGO Group
I’ve wanted to work for the LEGO Group for the last 15 years. I’m too old to retrain to be a LEGO designer and I’d not be able to move camp to Denmark in any case. If I can’t work for LEGO, maybe I can work with LEGO and there are a few ways that might be possible. I could create a magical, winning LEGO Ideas set or maybe, if I work hard enough, this website might qualify for Recognised LEGO Fan Media status which would bring me in to closer contact with the world’s favourite toy company.

What are your LEGO Goals?

I know that lots of you will have goals of your own that you’re working on. Maybe you have them written down like I do, maybe they live in your head. Either way, I’d love to hear what they are. Please let me know by jotting a reply below!