I love the LEGO Ideas crowdsourcing platform and that it keeps serving up wildly different concepts, showing new ways of thinking about LEGO.

I’m particularly fond of projects that tap into nostalgia for things from my childhood. Like happy memories of playing with LEGO itself, creations that hark back to simpler times really grab my attention.

Take these four retro LEGO Ideas TV projects. Individually, they are quite marvellous. Together, they would make excellent instalments in a Saturday morning retro cartoon bonanza. Looking over these projects, I can’t help recall sitting on a bean-bag in my pyjamas, blissing out on Saturday Tele. Heaven!

Read on for my thoughts on these four worthy LEGO Ideas projects, each still seeking support to reach the 10,000 votes needed to progress to an official LEGO product review.

The Flintstones

A LEGO Ideas project by Andrew Clark


“The Flintstones” creator Andrew Clark is a member of the LEGO Ideas 10K Club and has three projects on-the-go on the LEGO Ideas website at the moment.

Andrew has an eye for detail, executes his renders and project submissions beautifully and is clearly a nostalgia tragic as well.

The Flintstones
Image: Andrew Clarke and LEGO Ideas

Interestingly, there are no less than four projects based on The Flintstones live on the Ideas website at the moment. Andrew’s design is leading the vote tally at present but what might be separating him from the pack?

For one thing, as the designer of a previously successful project (Andrew created the now sold-out Doctor Who and Companions model), he’d have a support base that would be interested in his work.

Beyond that, Andrew continues to package his ideas effectively and attractively. For this project, he’s included a video, created beautiful renders of his concept and included details of the special decorations unique to his version of Bedrock. It goes to show that detail and effort really count on a platform where multiple parties can pitch similar concepts.

At the time of this post, The Flintstones has 6,687 votes, with 529 days of campaigning to go. You can support Andrew’s project, here.

Thunderbirds are Go!

A(nother) LEGO Ideas project by Andrew Clark

Andrew’s clearly a man with several plans who’s got lots of ideas left to bring to life. His “Thunderbirds are Go” project has 2,658 votes of support and has been featured as a LEGO Ideas staff pick.

Image: Andrew Clark and LEGO Ideas

It’s meticulously detailed, including cleverly decorated microfigs representing the Tracy family,  giving the model a playful sense of scale. It also has oodles of play features and sky-high swooshability factor.

You can support Thunderbirds are Go, here.

Thundercats: Thundertank

A LEGO Ideas project by BrettCuv

One of the most charming LEGO Ideas projects in recent memory was Brett Cuviello’s The Iron Giant concept which rocketed to the 10,000 supporters needed for an official review.

The Iron Giant was not selected for production as a LEGO model but that hasn’t discouraged Brett. He’s since lodged two further projects, including this excellent tribute to one of the wildest (pun intended) 80s cartoons.

LEGO Ideas TV Thundercats
Image: Brett Cuviello and LEGO Ideas

There are three fantastic elements to Brett’s Thundercats design. Firstly, this minifigure decorations and part selection are perfect. He’s captured the original TV series looks really, really well.

Secondly, we’ve been given a really rad, robust Thundertank that accommodates the minifigure selection.

Thirdly, Brett’s really thought about play value. He’s devised clever representations of the Thundercats weaponry, mainly through clever part selection and economical decals. He’s also he’s built lots of play value into the Thundertank. There are sections that open, concealed flick missiles to fire and he’s replicated the Thundertank’s iconic grabbing paws.

It’s really good work that honours the TV show. If Voltron can win the day, maybe Thundercats could follow behind and just think how awesome these sets would display together.

Brett will need your support. He has found 183 votes for this project so far, with 340 days left in his campaign. Go support him, here.

Pinky and The Brain

A LEGO Ideas project by Mukkinn

I mean, isn’t this one of the most adorable LEGO Ideas sets you’ve seen?!

LEGO Ideas TV Pinky and The Brain
Image: Mukkin and LEGO Ideas

I’m always impressed by people who can take a pile of bricks and build models that exude personalities. I think Mukkinn has done just that with his “Pinky and the Brain” project. Here we have a boggled-eye Pinky and a jowly, glaring Brain who are just like their original cartoon incarnations.

While delicate in places, Mukkinn’s part selection is effective as he’s captured the proportions of these top-heavy rodents perfectly.

“Pinky and The Brain” is sitting on 244 votes of support, with 255 days of campaigning ahead. You can support Mukkinn, here.

Which LEGO Ideas TV projects do you love?

So, what do you think of these projects? Have you spotted other Ideas projects that make you nostalgic for the TV shows of your youth? I’d love to hear your thoughts!