I was thrilled when my first LEGO Ideas project, RuPaul’s Brick Race, reached 10,000 votes and qualified for an official product review.

While this project wasn’t selected for production, I’m equally pleased to now freely share the design files and instructions that will allow fans to build a version of the project for themselves.

Firstly, you may notice some changes around the Work Room…

When I submitted this project to the LEGO Ideas program, I was able to build a virtual model that used any part/colour combination I needed, including some combinations that do not exist in reality.

If the project had been selected for production, the LEGO team would have either redesigned the model to be achievable within their available part library or, more often than not, they would have released new part/colour combinations.

In order to share a model that you can realistically build at home, I’ve needed to revise colour schemes and part selections.

For similar reasons, I’ve also only released the Work Room section of my design. If you’d like to build your own Main Stage area, you’ll need to use your imagination. (And, if you do, I’d love to see what you come up with!)

The files you’ll need

I’ve published a shared Google Drive folder that contains the following files:

  • workroom.lxf (The primary virtual model file)
  • workroom.io (Another virtual file type)
  • workroom_instructions.pdf (a building guide showing the parts you’ll need and how to stick them together*)
  • workroom_reference.png (A reference image showing the completed model)

Go ahead and take a copy of everything you need.

What to do with them

You might like to just download and explore the model. You can do that by opening workroom.lxf using LEGO’s own (and free) LEGO Digital Designer program which can you find here.

You can also open the workroom.io file using Stud.io, another free virtual brick-building app. You can download it here. This .io file will be useful for another reason but we’ll get to that soon.

If you have a large collection of LEGO bricks, you may already have the pieces you’d need to make a Work Room and the instructions PDF will show you what you need and how they should go together.

If you don’t have the bricks needed, you might need to do what I have done myself – source the required pieces through BrickLink (it’s like Amazon, but just for LEGO items). To do so, you’ll need to:

  1. Create an account on BrickLink
  2. Create a new “wanted list” (where you can list parts you would like to buy from BrickLink sellers)
  3. Populate your wanted list by uploading the workroom.io file using the tools provided within the wanted list section of BrickLink
  4. Use the tools provided within BrickLink to shop for the parts you need

To build the model, you’ll need around 270 pieces and the prices of those parts will vary depending on market value, where you are in the world and shipping. I was able to source all the pieces I needed for less than AUD $100.

Some final notes

This is the first time I’ve tried to create instructions for a model I have devised myself. In places, the instructions may not always be super clear and you may need to exercise some patience and ingenuity to follow them.

Also, while they were supportive of this project during the voting period, this project has not been officially endorsed by the creators of RuPaul’s Drag Race, nor is this an official, endorsed LEGO set. This is a fan-project, made with love and shared to bring some joy. I make no claim on the copyright or IP of either the creators of RuPaul’s Drag Race or LEGO.

Thanks for reading and for any support you showed this fun project along the way. I’ll have a new LEGO Ideas project online very shortly and if you enjoyed this RuPaul themed set, you may like the next one too.

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