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About SeeMarkGeek

Hi! Welcome to – a blog, journal, bucket list and project space by Mark (@SeeMarkGeek.)

Here I’m connecting my day-to-day interests with my Ultimate Goals list and having as much fun as I can along the way.

I started this blog in 2011, charting successes and failures as I worked towards three New Year’s resolutions.

I enjoyed the process so much, I added three new challenges to my stable of goals in 2012. After a long hiatus, I’m back, focusing now on both my big-ticket to-dos and the things that bring me joy every day. I won’t lie – 99% of my joy is derived from LEGO. You’ve been warned.

What’s with all the LEGO stuff?

Forbidden Island | © 1989 LEGO Group

Like many children of the 80s, I grew up with buckets of bricks that belonged to elder siblings.

The first LEGO set which was truly mine was Forbidden Island (6270) and I thought it was magical.

Also, like lots of kids who loved LEGO, I went on to resist “childish things” as a teenager and entered my personal “dark years,” only rediscovering LEGO when I received the Forbidden Corridor (4706) for my 21st birthday.

Forbidden Corridor | © 2001 LEGO Group

(Come to think of it, that’s two LEGO sets that are significant to me, that feature forbidden things. I wonder if there’s anything in that…)

I’m now once more the proud owner of a healthy collection of bricks and in recent years I’ve particularly enjoyed collecting the Harry Potter, Batman now the DC Super Heroes themes.

I also love reading about LEGO, exploring online communities (including the LEGO Ideas platform where I’ve just started sharing projects) and discovering LEGO in the wild around my city and around the world.

Why blog about this nonsense?

I’ve started this blog project for three key reasons:

  • As I get older, and as my adult responsibilities mount up, I’ve found it harder and harder to find time and finances for my personal goals and hobbies. Through this project, I hope to build a habit of making time for my interests.
  • I keep a bucket list and I am ticking off to-dos in a number of areas. Achieving some of these will take lots of effort and resources. Maybe this will help me find shortcuts to some of my Ultimate Goals?
  • The process of blogging is enjoyable! I like the technical challenges of keeping a website hobbling along, I like to try new tools and techniques out online and I like having somewhere I can write for fun.

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